The last ten months have been hell and there are many companies and sectors who have been playing an absolutely key role in making sure that even in the face of a virus, we are kept as safe as possible. Of course we know of the gargantuan effort which the healthcare sector has been a part of this year, and behind those men and women there are many more services which have been doing critical work for our safety. One particular industry which we are going to discuss today is the role of environmental services and how great companies within this sector like Diamond Environmental Services, have been keeping us safe. 

Sharing of Knowledge 

One of the most important contributions which these businesses have made to the wider world this year has been the sharing of knowledge across businesses and to local authorities. These businesses are the world leaders on cleanliness and hygiene which is why they were so perfectly placed to offer that expertise and share it in order to keep us all safe. 

Sanitation Stations 

For any of you who have been but and about as lockdowns have eased, you will have seen sanitation stations set up with alcohol gel and places to wash your hands. These stations are both set up and then maintained by these companies that work in environmental services. Not only are installations like these absolutely necessary in order to keep us all safe, they are also essential in making sure that businesses can reopen and that they can attract clients who have safety on their minds. 

Cleaning Services

Mots environmental services focus on the removal and disposal of waste rather than cleaning areas, unless there has been a big or dangerous spillage. This year however we have all been forced to do whatever it takes to survive and this particular sector has doubled down on the cleaning side of things. We have seen environmental services companies don hazmat suits and head into hospitals, city streets and public spaces with the sole purpose of keeping it clean and making sure that there is no trace or sign of the virus. This has been an essential role which they have played and they have been able to use their vast experience to ensure that they deliver on safety for everyone. 


Now you may be aware that many temporary hospitals have been set up around the country to cope with the rising number of people hospitalized with this virus, but you may not be aware of the role of the environmental services within this. These companies have worked with local governments to offer advice and infrastructure support in the erection of these hospitals. As you can well imagine, setting up such a hospital is a logistical nightmare which carries with it a lot of risk, and that is why these companies have been essential in making sure that things are done with safety and hygiene in mind.