Dan Schatt is Improving Crypto Portfolio Diversification with Earnity

December 2021 saw the emergence of a new player, Earnity, in the cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi) industry. Earnity has raised over $20 million in the last year, thanks partly to its partnership with BitNile. The California-based crypto investment firm seeks to afford more people increased control of their finances by establishing a highly secure and easy-to-use platform where crypto assets can be bought, sold, and held.

Founded by Domenic Carosa and Dan Schatt, Earnity is going to launch a marketplace that provides access to cutting-edge financial products. What sets the app apart is its intuitive and straightforward interface that will allow users to build a crypto portfolio in minutes. Of course, customers can buy a single crypto product if that is their preference. But they will also be able to choose from themed collections or craft custom collections of cryptocurrencies and DeFi products. 

The goal of most traditional and alternative asset investors is to optimize their investment by diversifying their asset allocations. This way, they can minimize the overall risk on their portfolios. The basic tenet of diversification in long-term investing is also applicable to crypto investing. Cryptocurrencies are somewhat volatile and lack regulation. Investing in just one token can result in a catastrophic loss if that product implodes. Investors can ride out bear markets and limit extreme outcomes if they spread out their crypto portfolios.

Earnity will give customers one-stop access to the top crypto and DeFi protocols, offering them the opportunity to purchase and hold on to as many products as they want and can afford. In addition, the company management, which includes Domenic Carosa and Dan Schatt, has made the deliberate decision to make Earnity a social platform and community where users can freely and openly share ideas, insights, and information. In turn, investors can understand new crypto assets and collections.