With each decade that passes we see a new housing trend which takes over and right now that trend is the small home or tiny home movement. I have a good friend who works within the Cumby Group, a team of developers, an this is something which they are seeing more and more of as they work on custom home designs. There are a number of reasons why these small homes have become popular, which is interesting given the previous trend. What we used to see was people getting on the property ladder and then seeking to move up the ladder and into bigger homes as they progressed through life, now it seems to be the goal to move into a smaller place, and live a more simplistic lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at what caused these properties to become so popular.

Priced Out

One of the main reasons why these properties first became popular was that thy offered an affordable choice for young professionals who are quite frankly priced out of so many cites around the world. Even rental prices in the likes of London, Toronto and New York have become so overpriced that so manny just couldn’t afford it and had to seek alternative options. The issue for many of those young professionals was that they had to be in those places because of the jobs they wanted to do, yet because they couldn’t afford to buy, a tiny home became the solution.

Green Credentials

Another reason why so many people are looking at living in small property is that it is a far more environmentally conscious way to live. Ultimately a small home uses less energy, it is easier to manage the energy and even in its construction there is a far lesser impact on the planet thanks to lowering the carbon which the build emits. Given that we now know so much more about climate change, it comes as no surprise that many people are looking at their way of living and deciding that they could reduce the size of their home and look to live a greener lifestyle.


The first two options here are the main reasons why this became a movement, now we have many people simply looking to follow that movement. Much of this comes down to the fashionable nature of living a minimalistic lifestyle, and the recognition that we don’t need lots of stuff in order to be happy. Thanks to features in magazines and newspapers and even a TV series dedicated to the tiny house movement, there has been a real spike in the number of families and couples who are looking to reduce the size of their property and instead to look at a small home as the best place for them to live.

Is this something which you could see yourself doing in the future? Is a tiny home something which you think makes sense? Let us know in the comments.