Atlanta Charter Bus and Shuttle Service Tours and Packages

The reasons to hire a shuttle service are too many to count especially if you need transportation in Atlanta, Georgia. Navigating the crazy city streets of Atlanta can quickly become daunting, so why not hire a driver to do all the work for you?

If you have a special occasion, corporate event, or just want to take a tour through the city you should definitely consider hiring an Atlanta charter bus or shuttle service. Not only does it alleviate the stresses of navigating an unknown area, but you can sign up for a variety of tours or group packages with a shuttle service in Atlanta.

Wedding Day Packages

Of course you probably won’t feel completely stress-free on your wedding day but you should never have to stress about the transportation. Most shuttle services in Atlanta have a variety of wedding day packages; you can opt for a sleek limousine or a fun party bus for the entire wedding party to enjoy.

Some services also offer these perks within their wedding packages:

  • Airport pickup for guests
  • Shuttle service for guests from the ceremony to reception
  • Honeymoon transportation
  • Bridal party transportation
  • Enroute champagne and refreshments for bridal party
  • Rehearsal dinner transportation

Basic Airport Transfers

Airport transportation is a necessity for anyone who travels by plane. The short term and long term parking rates at airports are enough to cause panic, so the best way to avoid this is by scheduling a shuttle service beforehand. You won’t have to worry about not having access to an Uber or taxi on the day of your flight.

Atlanta Brewery Tours

Atlanta has no shortage of breweries including Orpheus Brewing, Wrecking Bar Brewpub, and the famous SweetWater Brewing Company. Luckily for you figuring out transportation for a brewery tour through Atlanta has never been easier. There are some charter bus and shuttle companies that offer special brew tours so that you can enjoy Atlanta-brewed beer without any hassle.

Find a company that has coordinated tours with breweries in the area to give you an in-depth look at how the breweries operate. Usually these tours include stops at 3 different breweries where you can take a private or public tour and try every type of beer imaginable.

Prom Night Limos and Party Buses

Aside from wedding day events the most common need for a shuttle, limo, or bus is for your high school prom night. Your prom wouldn’t be the same without a classy limo in all of your photos. It is the best feeling to get all dressed up and show up to the dance in a sleek limo or party bus. Find a service that provides the elegance without a high price tag.

Senior Living Facility Shuttle Services

Some assisted living facilities have their own shuttle service for residents but others have to outsource to transportation companies. They provide wheelchair accessible shuttles and vans for the seniors living in these facilities who want to go out and about for the day. This is an amazing way to give someone with limited mobility a higher quality of life.