CEO of Earnity, Dan Schatt, Explains the Relevance of Social-First Web3 Technologies

Web 3.0 is the next iteration in the internet’s evolution. Web 1.0 focused on internet accessibility, Web 2.0 enabled secure platform monetization, while Web 3.0 will integrate decentralized technology into the real world. 

Although Web 3.0 has already emerged, most digital natives haven’t adopted it yet. In fact, most users still consist of early adopters who have prior tech and DeFi experience. The masses have yet to use Web 3.0 tech.

For Web 3.0 leaders to speed up mass adoption, they should focus on creating social-first platforms. That way, more users will feel enticed to sign up during the iteration’s early stages. 

The CEO of Earnity, Dan Schatt, shares some ways to promote social-first web 3.0 tech:

Flash Loans

DeFi tech enables crypto users to execute lending transactions without the need for a middleman. Neither party would need to pay exorbitant processing fees and miscellaneous charges. Also, executing DeFi tech’s Flash Loans take only a few minutes, while commercial banks require at least two weeks to process loan applications.

Crypto Communities

The CEO of Earnity, Dan Schatt, advises crypto leaders to bring users out of social media. Crypto users need a separate platform where they can exclusively discuss strategies, send signals, debunk myths, and share resources. 

Social media has too much noise. The fake news and propaganda spread by internet trolls might compromise objectivity.

Accessible Crypto Marketplace

Although there are already dozens of crypto exchange platforms available, utilizing most of them requires a steep learning curve. Trading strategies aside, most first-timers don’t even know how to purchase a token. To prevent intimidating beginners, developers should create beginner-friendly, user-focused layouts.

Bottom Line

The CEO of Earnity, Dan Schatt, believes that focusing on social-first platforms will help speed up the emergence of Web 3.0. Remember: accessibility and usability go hand in hand with innovation.

It doesn’t matter if you introduce the most groundbreaking technologies if the majority of the population wouldn’t know how to utilize them. Focus on connectivity.