Throughout this year I have been watching  great number of videos which the great Cashier Myricks has been uploading, especially those in relation to business and small business. What I have been particularly interested in here is something which I have been discussing for many years and that is whether or not offices will continue to exist, or whether they need to. It has long been my belief that offices would no longer exist in the way that they were, and the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has reinforced this. Cashier has spoken about this a lot this year and for my part, I really don’t see the offices going back to normal, and here’s why.

Money Saving 

One of the biggest reasons why I always get that there would be no need for offices to continue is that there is so much cost saving to be had in not opening offices. Given that employees can now work remotely in so many businesses around the world, this allows offices to save money on rent, cleaning, electricity, air conditioning and all manner of additional running costs which quite frankly just aren’t needed. Businesses make changes when they wish to increase sales, productivity or they wish to save money, and that is what will motivate the choice of so many to close down their office spaces. 

Co-Working Rise

There has been a natural rise over the last decade with regards to the amount of people who have found the way of making money online. Beyond this there have been some offices who have decided to only bring in their staff for one or two days per week and they have counted on co-working spaces to take care of the rest. With the rise in people working remotely there has also been a rise in co-working spaces which are far cheaper for companies to buy for their staff. This means that if a member of staff wants to hold face to face meetings or simply get some work done then they can do some here in dedicated locations. 

Green Credentials 

Reducing the need for so many people to commute to work and reducing the energy which offices use, to have people working remotely would be a far greener option for so many. Given that this is an important topic for many people it would make sense for those companies who did have offices to reduce their use or to do away with them entirely. 

And finally this is something which has been made very easy thanks to the software and the tech advancements which have been made. Businesses know that they can easily monitor staff and that everyone is able to work pretty much as normal even if they in the comfort of their own home. Things may go back to normal after the pandemic but when it comes to offices and office space, I have a feeling that they will have a very different landscape than pre-pandemic times.