Digital Marketing

If this year has taught us anything it is that businesses live and die based on their ability to market online. For many this was something which was already common knowledge and experts in the industry like Caroline Sturken have been banging this drum for an awfully long time. Sadly however there were many small businesses in particular who hadn’t listened, and after the pandemic hit they were the ones rushing to try and secure an online presence. 

Digital marketing is the new normal, it was before the pandemic, during the pandemic and it sure will be afterwards too, and here is why it is so important. 

Low Cost Big Return

There is no other marketing option which costs as little and can return such high figures as digital marketing strategies. From email marketing to social media marketing this is an approach which acts as a leveler between massive companies and small ones. Smaller businesses can invest a little bit of money and see some serious returns on what they are spending. 

Enormous Audience

When businesses look to set  up shop they will often focus on footfall and the importance of placing the business in a situation where there are many customers. If you consider the internet as a high street then this is where the heaviest footfall is and there are millions of customers using the web each day to find businesses and services. A failure to invest in digital marketing means that you will never reach this customers, and they will never know who you are.


Becasue digital marketing is so ubiquitously used, it is incredibly likely that your competition are investing in this. If they are an you are not then they are counting on a huge increase in business and they are taking market share right from under your nose. Even if you don’t see digital marketing to get ahead, at the very least you should be using it to compete. 

DIY Marketing 

Even if your small business doesn’t wish to invest money in digital marketing, there are still many options within this world which allow you to market on your own. Social media is the perfect example of this, there is no need to spend money on marketing here and if you wish you can do it on your own with content and with engagement with your customers. 

It Works

Ultimately the point of digital marketing is to make you more money and that is just what it does. Through the investment which you make you are going to count on more leads, more sales and brand growth which no other marketing approach can offer you. This is why businesses great and small are constantly investing more money in their digital marketing strategy and it is why you and your business should be doing so too. 

There is no excuse in the modern world to not be spending money on this side of the business.