You will no doubt have heard all about Formula 1, the elite level racing event which pits the fastest cars and drivers against each other all over the world. There are also lower levels to this sport such as Formula 2 and 3, but there is a new branch of the sport which is emerging, that may very well eventually takeover Formula 1 as we now know it. The event is called Formula E, and it is growing very quickly indeed. This sport has events all over the world and the amount of people attending these events is growing very quickly. So could the electric car version of Formula 1 eventually takeover? I have racing aficionado Bharat Bhise here to discuss whether or not that could happen.

Reasons for the Rise

Climate change is huge talking point at the moment and in line with this the sport of racing felt that they had to offer an alternative to the gas guzzling Formula 1 sport which we have all become used to. What was most surprising was the capability of these electric engines when put into the racing cars, giving them some mightily impressive top speeds. The reason for the change was to give an eco-friendly racing model, but it may very well become the future.


As banal as it sounds, one of the biggest complaints about this form of racing has not been the lack of speed, but rather the lack of sound and smell. These cars emit zero noise when they fly around the track, and they also don’t produce the smell of burning petrol like the Formula 1 cars do. This however appears to be something which only a traditionalist would say, and  we have no doubt that either by adding fake sounds or simply getting used to it, this would be an issue which could be overcome.


As it stands, there is a much higher probability of engine malfunction with the electric models, which of course adds to the thrills and spills on the track which people love. This is a huge plus for the sport and whilst they will want to ensure that their cars don’t break down too often, the entertainment value could see the sport gain much more attention.


Currently Formula E cars are reaching speeds of around 174 mph whilst those at Formula 1 are reaching speeds of around 233 mph. With this being said the Formula E cars have increased this speed by over 40 mph in just 5 years, and experts believe that an electric vehicle has got the potential to reach speeds of almost 256 mph. If speed is something that many are concerned about with the electric model, they are soon going to see just how fast these electrically powered vehicles can go.

It may not happen soon, but eventually the entertainment and the low cost option, not to mention eco-friendliness, will see the Formula E take top spot in the sport.