Moving home

We have all been there. Some more than others. The dreaded time when you have to pack up your stuff and move. The day has been scheduled with time off work for something that sometimes feels like more work than the paid gig.

There’s also an element of heart ache and attachment to the place you have called home, especially if you haven’t moved for some time. Considering the reasons behind every home move can be different, there’s a level of uncertainty that meets every time belongings are stacked up and exported to another destination whether it’s a temporal storage or a new place to settle and live.

Luckily, removals guru and columnist, Ayden Hector offers some pearls of wisdom when it comes to the upheaval of up sticks and moving on. Here are 4 preparation tips for moving day.


It’s an obvious point but one that is often overlooked… and underfunded. Ayden explains the amount of times he has seen people moving home gather up spare boxes from different local stores and supermarkets and how this makes for messy moves.

Ayden asserts the importance of consistency to the box. He suggests investing in sturdy flat packed professional removals boxes that offer the facility of labelling and have the capacity of handles. In doing so, one will have the entire capacity of most belongings being put inside a safe, secure and stackable space that allows anyone to understand its contents and enabled to lift it without scuffing their knuckles along door frames. Just don’t pack too much and make a back breaking lift. Add it to another box!

Color Code

We read color before we read text. Like any endeavor, the beauty of simplicity is making any activity less daunting and more manageable. Perhaps even fun?
Using a selection of colored markers, post it notes or even spray paint to label the box will make for a very quick direction for any lending hands

Consider the way you want the move in to go after you move out. You may designate a color to suit a room so that each box is next the other. This will make removals persons and helpful friends know exactly what next to put in the van. Just direct them to the next color.

Room Plan

Adding onto this, consider the room plan of where you are moving to. You may consider this with some advance notice to the removals date. Some items might be better suited going straight to storage or suit a different room. Where it’s upsizing or downsizing, it’s always going to be a different sort of space to what you were used to.
Draw out a plan of the new space and title each room and utilize this when packing up your items. See aforementioned tip in conjunction with this one.

Initiate pack up early.

Finally, Ayden Hector always asserts the importance of fore planning. Rushing anything leads to confusion and stress. For this reason, it is advised to start moving with at least a fortnight and designate each room for a set time e.g. Living room in 3 days. This will make the whole removals day so manageable and even something to be proud of.

Happy Moving.