In the last 3 years I have realized just how important it is that more people in the community give their time and volunteer in projects and for charitable causes. To be completely honest I always used the excuse that I had no time or that these organizations would already have enough people, or even that I had no skills to bring. After a meeting with an old friend of mine however, who at that time was working for the American Fundraising Foundation, a great non-profit organization, I slowly started to realize just how much I was needed not for my skills but for my time and my hands. There are so many benefits to volunteering in your local community and these are just some of them.

Community in Need

If you think like I did, that ‘they probably already have enough people’ then you are wrong, if a community project requires 5 people to get started, they are not going to turn down 15, this would in fact enable them to help more people. There are always local groups and organizations which will need your support and this is why you should try and volunteer any time which you have available. Furthermore you will actually be doing some good in your own community. Remember that you don’t have to work with an organization either, you may wish to spend some time each week with an elderly neighbor to give them some company, or perhaps helping a single mother look after her kids for a couple of hours per week. Volunteering is about giving ups your time to help others, you don’t always need a uniform and a badge to do that.

Bringing The Community Close

Communities have been decimated in the last few decades as socio-economic problems have risen and risen. This means that the community, or at least many communities, are farther apart than they ever have been. In volunteering your time to help out members of your community you can do a great deal in bringing that community closer together. A tighter knit community has been proven to lower crime, increase opportunities and create a healthier and more stable place to live, who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!

Personal Reward

 There is no shame whatsoever in feeling good after you have done a selfless act and this is what you can count on when you spend some of your time volunteering. Knowing that you have dedicated some of your time to helping those in need will give you a warm feeling inside and a deep sense of satisfaction. This of course is never the primary reason for people giving up their time, but it is a nice added bonus which you can count on when you have done so.

Why not take a look around your community and see what volunteering opportunities there are for you, go out there and make a difference!