If the time has come for your child to fly the nest and head off to a performing arts college then you will of course want to ensure that you have chosen the best college for them. The difference between a great college and an average college could have a huge impact on your child’s life and career and it is important that you give this decision the time that it needs. When it comes to choosing a performing arts college the gap between great colleges and poor colleges is huge and here is how you can ensure that you make the right choice.


For many subjects you will find that there are colleges available just a short distance from home and some farther afield, in the case of performing arts colleges however there are fewer choices which means that your child must be prepared to travel for what they love. If you live somewhere like New York or LA then you’ll be fine, if you are in the middle of Kansas then you will have to look further away for the best choices.


I am not always a big fan of reviews when it comes to products and services but when it comes to colleges they can provide a real insight into life at the college. To be fair it was the AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts Reviews that convinced us that AMDA was the right place for my son, and they spoke glowingly about how good the college was and what it could provide. Once you have a couple of options as to which performing arts college you are thinking about, check out the reviews to help you make a decision.


Some colleges have great links with big performing arts companies and shows, and this could be your child’s perfect route into a career in the performing arts. Unfortunately there are also some colleges who do not have this link and so it makes sense that you understand which colleges have the best route to an actual career. For example there are many Broadway companies who will use students from the same colleges for their auditions, this is the best chance of your child to make a name for themselves.

Be Realistic

 It is very important that you listen to feedback about your child and their performance before choosing a performing arts college. I am sure that every child would love to go to Julliard but the truth of the matter is that those positions are reserved for a select few individuals. Make sure that you are aiming for the right level of college when selecting one for your child, this will avoid any unnecessary disappointment and it will also save you all a lot of time.

Spend plenty of time on this decision in order to get it right.