Whilst traveling is a very exciting thing to do it is vital that you don’t forget about making sure that you stay healthy whilst you are on the road. Adam Ferrari is our resident travel expert and he has been talking about this for some time now, the dangers of people not looking after their health when they are traveling. No matter where you go in the world, for how long you travel for or how, it is essential that you always have a watchful eye on your health order to enjoy your trip, and these are some of the ways that people end up threatening their health.


Always make sure that you have researched the places that you are going and taken the necessary shots or take the necessary medication to stave off diseases. In various parts of the world there is a high risk of malaria, ebola or even the zika virus, and you can completely remove the chances of contracting any of these with the right medication. Shots and medication don’t reduce the risk, they completely remove the risk of contracting something deadly, so do your research and precut yourself before you go.


We may have a chuckle when someone gets sunburnt but the reality is that this can be very damaging to the skin and repeatedly burning yourself from the sun’s rays will have lasting damage. Constantly putting on sunblock may seem like a chore, but getting burned is no joke and it will not only ruin your travel plans, it will also cause serious damage to the pigments in your skin and over time it can increase your risk of skin cancer. If you are traveling to hot places then always make sure that you try your best to cover up and to apply sunblock.


Most people indulge in more physical activities when they go traveling and this of course heightens the risk of an injury. Now there is nothing to say that you shouldn’t have fun when you are on the road, but just make sure that you have the necessary protection of travel insurance. If you have an accident and break your arm, depending on where you are in the world, you could be facing a huge bill that will cut your travel plans short. Don’t run the risk, make sure that you have protection.


One of the most common risks to your health when you travel is food poisoning, normally caused by the food from street food vendors. You have to be very careful when eating food abroad, you will already have some challenges simply because of what your body is used to, and changing that can cause a bit of discomfort. When you are eating from places that you don’t know, be sure that they are following food hygiene practices, and if you are in any doubt as to whether or not the food is safe, it is better to avoid it.

Stay safe on the road in order to have the best time imaginable.