A reputation management company will revitalize your reputation. One way they have of doing this is by improving your online presence by increasing the number of positive articles about you and ensuring that they are more visible than any negativities that you have encountered.

Search engine optimization may seem very daunting at first, but just like with everything the more you read and practice the more it will begin to make sense. There is a lot of initial information to take on board, but once you have that, a fifteen to thirty-minute look at any changes is enough to make you an expert.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the basics the next thing to do is put it to practice and see how you do. One great way to practice is to offer to do a site for a voluntary or non-profit organization and using the method of trial and error see what brings you success and what doesn’t. This will also act as a great marketing tool to showcase your success. WordPress is another key tool that you should familiarize yourself with.

Be prepared to be a little confused now and then as a lot of SEO work is based on trial, error and assumption;  you may come across some conflicting pieces of information. Also, because the nature of it changes quickly, hence the need for daily updates, then an idea may soon become obsolete. Further to this what works with one website, target audience and demographic may not work for a different one. Therefore, there are some top tips to negate this, use only verified and well-known sources, statistics speak louder than stories, read multiple texts and see which appears to offer the most popular opinion especially ones backed up with facts and figures. The most important factor is to try it yourself and keep trying it as often as you need to make your informed decision.

The essential basic step to step guide that you will need to aid your success is

  • Learn how an internet search works
  • Read about the basics of SEO
  • Read a book on SEO
  • Keep revisiting websites, blogs and online guides and search for anything that you don’t understand
  • Do keyword research, different companies will have different ways and words that will appeal to their demographic and target audience. These words will also vary depending on your goals and the amount of money that your products cost. There is no right or wrong with keywords, but some will ensure more success.
  • There are many tools that will help you in your task, google analytics is essential this tracks and reports how your changes have been received. Webmaster tools will again monitor the status of your website and they exist for a few different platforms such as Bing, Google and Pingdom

The capability to monitor your success at different times is vital for your growth. Tracking performance is a key to success. There are many sites and guides online that will help you come to terms with this process.