Los Cabos

If you love traveling, then you have found yourself the perfect guide for a tour in Mexico. It doesn’t matter whether traveling is among your hobbies; most people enjoy a change of scenery once in a while.

Mexico outstands as among the leading tourist destinations. This year all roads are headed to Los Cabos. Therefore, you need to get your flight ticket super-fast. It is important to tag a friend or a relative along to share this fun.

This article will help you plan the perfect schedule for your visit to Los Cabos. It will make your work easier other than having to visit countless sites to see what they have in store. More, you don’t necessarily need a relative or friend residing within the town for you to visit. There are rentals in Mexico that can suit all your needs.

Below are some of the things you should not miss when visiting Los Cabos;

1. Sandy Falls

Forget the multiple waterfalls that you have had to travel to see, if you haven’t seen this sand fall, then you need to make plans now. This is your chance to witness a different type of falls other than water. The sandy falls are a natural beauty that will leave you amazed and want to revisit this place. According to experts, the currents from the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean are the cause of these intriguing falls. So, if you enjoy scuba diving, you should make this site a priority.

2. Relax on the amazing beaches

City life is exhausting. Bumping into traffic now and then, running up and down to beat curfews and everything else that comes with the job will drain out all your energy. Well, you can let that out of your mind by making some time to rest on the sandy beaches of Los Cabo. You have to try out sunbathing on this beach. It is a feeling you can only describe as being in a 5-star spa. The sun is always scorching in Los Cabo, but the breeze on the beach will make your visit worthwhile. Remember not to pack heavy clothing or tall boots, look for something short and light.

3. Whale watching experience

A whale is one of the rarest creatures on earth. Despite being a mammal that lives in the sea, whales are massive and very hard to see one on most shorelines around the world. Luckily, around November and April, you will be able to look at the humpbacks and the gray whales. You can take close photos while you are on a boat and let your friends know about your remarkable adventure from Mexico.

4. Delicacies at your convenience

Forget the French fries and the pizza for a while. During your stay at this tourist destination, you should try some of the local cuisines. According to most tourists who have visited Los Cabos, agree that the tacos from this side of the country are worth tasting. The chefs will leave you asking for more on their various available delicacies.

For instance, you can try the tortillas that have a variety of toppings fresh fish included. Yes, you will find everything fresh here, and so you can drop your worries of getting stomach upsets on the following day. However, if you want to find someplace classy, you can dine at the Lorenzillo’s Cabo restaurant or the La Roca that have among the highest ratings in all of Los Cabos.

5. Top notch surfing

If you want to feel the Mexican energy on your vacation, you got to try surfing in the beaches of Los Cabo. It doesn’t matter whether you are a legendary or a beginner surfer, here everyone can surf at their pace. There are multiple places to surf.

For starters, you can try the gentle waves at the Cabo surf hotel where you don’t have to face violent waves. For the surfing experts, you will find waves in the La Roca or Todos Santos very satisfying. Besides, you don’t have to carry your equipment to surf. The Costa Azul Surf Shop will come in handy for you. You can rent or buy everything you need to surf.

6. Carry something home (souvenirs)

Fashion gurus would have been disappointed in coming all this way and not finding anything to add to their collection. You don’t have to spend a lot of money when looking for the ideal gift to take for your loved ones at home. There is something for every visitor that travels to Mexico.

You can choose from a variety of art pieces that portray the rich culture of Mexico. There are multiple galleries and shops showcasing artwork, jewelry or even the local clothing. Try the Las Tiendas de Palmilla mall where you will find everything you need under one roof. You should carry the Mexican spirit with you when you get home.


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Mexico is country rich in culture. Contrary, apart from just heritage, Los Cabos is filled with more exciting features you wouldn’t want to miss out on your tour in Mexico. You don’t have to be in a large group to have fun. You can take this journey alone or with a few friends. Opposing the belief that it might cost you a lot of money, a visit to the Los Cabos is a budget-friendly site. Plan your schedule and have fun!