If you have a friend who has a close relationship with the lord, you might be intimidated by the idea of giving them a gift. But you shouldn’t be. Christians aren’t hard to please, and they will appreciate the gesture no matter what. The most important thing is that you respect them. Finding gifts for anyone can be a challenge, however, and if you are running out of ideas, here are 6 great gift ideas for anyone you know in the Christian faith.

A Personalized Bible Verse Bracelet

This could be a great way to show that you care about them and ensure they will always have some words of encouragement with them wherever they go. Try to pick a verse that applies to them and have it engraved on a silver bracelet. For example, you could find a verse about perseverance for someone who’s just starting college, or a verse about marriage for someone who just got married. 

A Prayer

One of the most beautiful gifts you could make to a Christian is the gift of prayer. But how can you actually “give” a prayer? It’s simple – get a prayer card from the Cenacle Sisters. This means that both you and the person you enroll will be in the daily prayers of the Cenacle Sisters. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to support their ministry with that gift. This could be a great gift for someone who’s going through a rough patch or someone you know who’s dealing with health issues. 

A Bible Verse Apron

If the person you want to give this to is an amazing cook and you’re on a limited budget, then something like a simple apron with a bible verse on it would be a great idea. This is something they’ll actually have a use for and could serve as a reminder as well.

The Beginner’s Bible

This one is a great gift for any parent. The Beginner’s Bible presents some of the bible’s most inspiring stories like Noah and the flood and Jonah and the fish in an easily digestible and fun way. This book is also one of the best-selling books on Amazon and is a great introduction to the bible for any child.

A Donation in Their Name

This is another gift that most Christians will appreciate. The most important thing here is not the amount, but the charity you pick. You have to make sure that it aligns with their convictions. You should also try to find out what charity they supported in the past. 

A Subscription Box

There is a subscription box for virtually everything these days, and there are a few interesting boxes for Christians too. Some boxes will have free bible inspired books for instance. Others will have lifestyle products like bible inspired jewelry, accessories, and clothing. That’s the gift that will literally keep on giving and you can be sure that they’ll be using some of these items.

As you can see, finding a great gift for a Christian doesn’t have to be complicated. Just make sure that you look at them as a person and find something that aligns both with their needs and their faith.