6 Exciting Reasons to Study Public Safety 

Today, there are around 220 million tertiary (post-school) education students around the world. At college and university, students study a variety of subjects, from engineering to marketing. However, a really popular subject over recent years has been public safety. Now, lots of people – young and old – are studying public safety degrees. There are lots of reasons for this, which are discussed in this article. 

Can You Study Public Safety Online? 

Here’s the good news: yes – you can study MPS online. Remote studying is now becoming increasingly popular, especially amongst mature students who don’t have the time to attend classes and lectures on the university campus. 

So, if you’re someone with an existing job – or have other personal responsibilities you need to take care of – you can breathe easy knowing that you can study public safety online. Not only is this convenient, but it’s also highly beneficial for your personal (and professional) growth, as you will still gain access to a wide range of resources and excellent tutors. 

Who Should Study Public Safety? 

Anyone can study public safety. You don’t need any advanced knowledge of the industry or prior experience in a public safety job. However, it’s worth noting that if you’re an existing public safety professional, you should consider studying for a degree. Let’s take a look at the types of professionals a public safety degree is perfect for: 


Being a firefighter is a tough (yet highly rewarding) job. Every day, firefighters respond to situations where human life, buildings, and the environment are in danger. By studying a degree in public safety, a firefighter can enhance their existing skills and become more equipped to progress up their career ladder. If you want to take on management roles and increase your yearly earnings, then this is worth bearing in mind!

Security Guards 

Security guards are highly underrated public safety professionals. As a security guard, a lot of patience and determination is required. In fact, it’s fair to say they’re the unsung heroes of society. They keep buildings (and the occupants inside) safe. 

Interestingly, a lot of security guards assume that they can’t progress in their fields or grow their skillsets – but they can. How, exactly? Through studying a public safety degree! They can develop their leadership skills and grow their overall business knowledge, opening up the doors to move up in the ranks and even start their own security guard businesses. 

Police Officers

In terms of non-stop action, being a police officer is top of the pile. Due to the heavy demands of being a police officer, it can be difficult for officers to focus on career growth. However, a degree in public safety can equip police officers with the knowledge they need to move up the ranks, progressing into roles such as sheriffs and county detectives. For any police officer out there looking to develop their critical thinking and decision-making skills, a degree is essential. 

Military Personnel 

Lastly, military personnel can progress into different jobs entirely – such as becoming police officers – by first studying for an MPS degree. Also, for highly ambitious military personnel, they will be able to learn about different management strategies that they can apply to the workplace. 

Some veterans struggle to find work after they finish their service, so a public safety degree is a great option. 

Exciting Reasons to Study Public Safety 

You may still want some convincing that this is the right move for you, so here are six of the most exciting reasons to study public safety. 

1. Grow Your Career Options

In today’s hectic and globalized world, it’s a smart strategy to not put all your eggs in one basket. What this means is that you should grow your career options rather than keeping yourself limited to one specific profession forever.

Due to the nature of public safety (where there is a wide variety of professions), your career options will automatically grow due to having a degree in public safety. For example, you could go down the path of becoming a police officer or, alternatively, you could go the administrative route and work for a health company. Effectively, the opportunities are endless. 

2. Gain In-Depth Understanding of Employer Expectations 

As previously established, you don’t need a degree to get a public safety job. However, without a degree, you will be less knowledgeable of your desired role and will find that you have to ‘learn on the job’. With a degree, though, you won’t have to learn on the job, as you will already be equipped with the knowledge that you need. 

Plus, because your degree will be tailored around your career goals, you will have a specific understanding of your employer’s expectations. For example, if you plan on becoming a firefighter, you will know the physical and mental standards that you will have to meet!

3. Increase Your Skills and Knowledge

The purpose of a degree is to increase your skills and knowledge, and a public safety degree is no different. Through your tutors, you will gain relevant insight into different industries while gaining access to all the resources you need, from scholarly papers to research books. Plus, when you have to take promotional exams (like firefighters and police officers have to do), a public safety degree can potentially earn you extra points!

4. Open the Door to Instant Jobs 

When applying for a job in public safety, hiring managers will examine your résumé from top to bottom. When they see that you have a relevant degree, this will make them more inclined to take an interest and hire you. Also, your university will teach you how to enhance your résumé and compose high-quality cover letters. 

5. Flexible Learning 

As mentioned before, you don’t need to physically attend a university to earn a degree in public safety. Now, you can do everything online – which is proving to be popular with students. If you’re a busy person with a job and family, then this is great news, as you’ll be able to work from the comfort of your home without getting overwhelmed. In fact, you could even be in another country and still be able to study remotely. 

6. Job Security 

Lastly, you get job security. Nowadays, a lot of people are scared about the prospect of losing their jobs. However, when you have a degree in public safety, you automatically have greater job security, as you’ll be valued higher by your employer. This will make you stand out among job candidates if you need to apply for another job and make your current employer not want to let you go.