5 Services Offered By Every Top-Rated Search Engine Optimization Firm

Perhaps you have finally decided that it is time to hire a search engine optimization firm for your company’s digital marketing. Well it’s about time! SEO is the ultimate marketing tool to help promote your business and increase your profit margin.

Now that you have finally decided to enter the world of SEO you shouldn’t just pick the first company that specializes in it. You need to do a bit of research and you can start right here. Keep reading about the 5 services provided by the best of the best SEO firms.

Consulting Services

The only way for an SEO specialist to know the exact steps to take to optimize your website is through consulting. Typically every firm will provide an initial consultation free of charge to get an idea of what you’re looking for and how they can help you. This will give you a chance to see if your specific goals align with the company’s services.

SEO Auditing

Auditing is similar to consulting but it is wayyyyy more thorough and in-depth. An official SEO audit of your current website entails tons of data collection of each individual page within your site. An SEO audit is different from traditional ones in the sense that it is performed solely for marketing purposes.

An SEO audit will give you exact answers on things like overall traffic, how your website is currently performing, and how to improve it. If the SEO firm  you’re considering does not perform audits this is a red flag signifying that you should not hire them.

Keyword Optimization

After you have gone through the consulting process and invested in an SEO audit, the next step is to research keywords specific to your site. Keywords are single words and full phrases that people search for to ultimately end up on your website.

If you aren’t using the proper keywords relating to your business then the likelihood of obtaining high traffic and a solid ranking is extremely low. Part of the Google ranking is determined by how effectively you utilize keywords throughout your site. SEO pros know exactly how to incorporate keywords on each page of your website in a way that flows and seems natural.

Link Building

Keywords aren’t the only thing that determines your ranking on a Google search. The next step in fully optimizing your site on Google is through link building. Link building means you have as many links as possible all throughout the internet that link directly to your company’s website. These links can be dispersed across a variety of webpages but they should fit naturally and organically into that site’s content. The more links you have the more Google will like you.

Original Content Creation

Your website would be nothing without content to fill the pages. SEO firms can help you to create quality content both within your website and for link building purposes on other sites. Try not to underestimate the power of high-quality content; it is the thing that makes the entire concept of the world wide web possible.