The tires on your car typically aren’t something you give much thought to until it’s time to replace them. They tend to be viewed as just a part of the car, without drivers giving too much thought to their purpose and the quality of them. But did you know that not all tires are equal? Making the choice to invest in good quality tires for your car isn’t just a sound decision, it’s also incredibly important for all kinds of reasons. Let’s take a closer look.

Safety Is Top of the List

The top reason to invest in good quality tires for your car is to improve the safety of the vehicle. The tires are all that sits between your car and the road, so they have an incredibly important role. Did you know that each tire needs to support one quarter of the weight of your vehicle, which is a fair amount of weight resting on them? So, you need to think about what kind of strength and durability is required in order to hold up to that weight.

Your tires will be used on a variety of road surfaces, not just flat dry roads, so they need to be able to handle all conditions with ease, and react in an appropriate manner. This is why bald tires are so dangerous, as they no longer grip the road as they should.

The safety aspect can also be taken one step further, prompting you to purchase good-quality tires meant for that season. Even the best quality summer tires aren’t going to cut it in winter driving; instead, it’s wise to invest in specific winter tires.

Improve the Ride with Good Quality Tires

Good quality tires can also make for a much smoother ride in the vehicle, which is important if you happen to do a lot of distance driving. Even the way the car handles will feel smoother, free of pulling and vibrating. Additionally, in order to ensure this smooth performance, you’ll need to make sure the tires have the correct air pressure in them. Not only that, but they also need to be balanced to ensure that even and smooth drive. You can find high-quality tires St Louis at Telle Tire & Auto Centers.

Better the Fuel Efficiency of Your Car

Another thing that drivers should be aware of is that good quality tires can affect the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. When you have tires that are wearing in an uneven manner, the car will actually go through more fuel. The reason for this is that the tires aren’t hitting the road in an even manner, so your car is actually working harder than it needs to – therefore going through more fuel. Why spend that extra money at the pump when you could improve the fuel efficiency with better quality tires?

So, if you’re in the market for new tires, it may be time to stop looking at the rock bottom prices and look instead for that quality rating.