Watching your parent grow into old age means more attention should be given to their health. Even if they are physically active, have never smoked, and enjoy a healthy diet, there are still signs you should look out for. Sometimes, illnesses come on quickly, and it’s better to know sooner rather than later if they need medical care to prevent it from worsening. Here are the ten signs your elderly parent needs extra care. 

1. They Tell You 

One of the sure signs that they need extra care during their daily lives is they tell you straight up. People know their own health better than anyone, so if they come to you with concerns, make sure you listen to them.

Unfortunately, many people hide their symptoms from loved ones to prevent them from worrying, so don’t assume that your senior parent doesn’t need care just because they haven’t said so. 

2. A Shift in Personality 

A shift in personality usually means changes to the brain and warrants scheduling an appointment to check everything is OK. Sometimes, a personality change in the elderly is brought on by stress, pain, or mental illness. Assisted living can help them live a higher quality of life, lessening their stress, as can placing them in a loving community. 

It could also mean mental illness or dementia, both of which need medical attention. If they are experiencing these, then a professional carer will help them cope with their illness. 

3. Less Mobility 

Lessened mobility is common in all seniors, but if it gets to the point where your parent cannot get to the shops or clean their house, then you should consider assisted living. While you can provide as much help as possible, like cleaning their dishes, cooking, and doing their shopping, in the long run, they would be better with professional assistance. 

Without help, your elderly parent runs the risk of falling. Without being able to do what they once could also cause depression, so it’s essential that you find them the help when they need it.  

4. Memory Loss

One of the scariest signs of old age is memory loss, but it doesn’t mean the end of a happy life. Memory loss is common in the elderly, and, most of the time, it’s simply caused by age or stress and can be boosted by healthy living and doing brain exercises. 

Sometimes, it can also mean something more serious, like dementia. If you notice signs of dementia, like increased confusion, then you must seek medical help as soon as possible. Finding memory care living will help them lead a high-quality life while getting the medical attention they need each day. The sooner you find them medical help, the better. 

5. They Are Isolated 

If your elderly parent is leaving the house less, or even not leaving altogether, then it’s a sign that something is wrong and that they need assistance. Loneliness is prevalent amongst seniors, and the inability to leave the house will only perpetuate that. 

One of the best parts of assisted living is the community that it provides. It means that, no matter how well your parent can move about, they still have people around them providing medical care and giving them someone to talk to on their lonely days. 

6. Neglecting Self-Care

Another sign that your parents need extra care is if they are neglecting self-care, especially if they were previously on top of it. If you notice that they no longer shower, brush their hair, or brush their teeth, then it’s a sign that something is wrong. You should talk to them about it, but if it is a persistent problem, then you should find them assisted living. This way, nurses can take care of their hygiene needs, which will significantly improve their quality of life

7. A Messy Home

Like lower hygiene standards, a messy home is also an indication of neglect and one that should be looked into. While you can help by giving their house a tidy now and again, if you’re a full-time worker, that simply isn’t a long-term plan. Assisted living isn’t just about helping them with their health needs; they can also help keep their surrounding area clean and tidy. 

You should be especially concerned if they were previously neat and tidy. Nobody wants to live in a messy home, so if they are, then look into finding help for them. 

8. They Have Health Issues

If they have been taking an increasing number of visits to the doctor and have to take several medications, then you should consider assisted living. Qualified nurses can give them the medication they need, even from your parent’s own home. It lessens the chances of accidents, especially if they are likely to forget to take their medication one day. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and having someone check in on them while they are poorly will give both of you peace of mind. 

9. They Are Not Eating Properly 

Eating three healthy meals a day is crucial for a healthy life. If they are not getting the right nutrients, then they are more likely to fall ill. 

Some of the best assisted living programs will provide your elderly parent with nutritious, delicious meals each day. It takes away the stress of you having to cook for them and makes sure they aren’t eating microwave meals each day. 

10. You Cannot Keep Up 

It’s natural to want to help your elderly parent in any way you can, but you shouldn’t burn yourself out. If you find yourself getting stressed and unable to keep up with your parents’ care, then you should find assisted living arrangements for them. It is not a sign you don’t care; in fact, it shows how much you do care. 

Finding them assisted living means you get more time to yourself, and the time you do spend with your parent is focused on enjoying time together rather than tending to their needs. 

Making the decision is never easy, but looking for the signs makes it easier to understand when your parents need extra care.