Bean Bag

Are you thinking about investing in bean bag furniture for your home? 

If yes, then you are in for a treat. 

Beans bags are synonymous with comfort and coziness, but the benefits for your body don’t end there. In fact, there are a whole multitude of reasons why bean bag furniture is becoming increasingly popular in homes and offices alike. 

From having the ability to correct your posture, to reducing tension headaches, to easing back pain, keep reading to discover the top ten health benefits of bean bag furniture. 

It is no over-exaggeration to say that these affordable and amazing products will change your life. For the better, of course!

  1. Reduce muscle pain

If you suffer from either muscle or joint pain, or both, then bean bag chairs and bean bag loungers can help you. By molding to your body’s shape and offering optimal support across your whole body, bean bag furniture can help to soothe any aches and pains you may have. 

Suitable for those who are recovering from back surgery or those who are feeling the strain of working from home in an unsupportive chair, bean bags will instantly make you feel more relaxed and less stressed. 

Comfy Sack, a leading manufacturer of bean bag furniture in the United States, offers a wide range of different bean bags, including loungers, ottomans, and head pillows, all of which are specifically designed with your comfort in mind. 

  1. Relieve headaches

There is a direct correlation between tension headaches and sitting uncomfortably, with prolonged poor sitting posture resulting in neck and shoulder pain as well as regular headaches. 

Fortunately, if you already suffer with tension headaches, there is a simple solution. Bean bag furniture, arguably the most comfortable furniture you will ever own, can help your body to relax, relieving pressure and reducing headaches. 

  1. Correct poor posture

Poor posture can lead to a wide range of health issues such as adverse changes to your spine, digestive problems, pain, and even mental health conditions, including depression. 

However, as bean bags naturally adapt to your body’s shape, they have the ability to reduce pressure on your spine, hips, buttocks, and sciatic nerve. In fact, bean bags are ergonomically friendly, meaning that they offer full support for your entire spinal column. This means less strain on your muscles, allowing your body to naturally align itself. 

  1. Ease back pain

Due to the technology-obsessed world that we live in, back pain is becoming increasingly problematic in both kids and adults. Hunching over a device, sitting for long periods of time, and straining to see a screen can all lead to back problems, which can cause not only pain but long-term damage to the spine as well. 

Bean bag furniture offers the perfect remedy for this, fitting itself around the body and easing any pressure. Plus, with options for both children and adults alike, you can find designs, shapes, and sizes to accommodate all the family.

  1. Calm children 

If you have an autistic child or one who struggles to control their emotions, bean bags can help relieve pressure and tension in their body while at the same time offering both comfort and relaxation. 

You can even find bean bag furniture that is big enough for two, meaning you can sit with your child and help to soothe them when they need it most. 

  1. Prevent non-accidental injuries

There are two main reasons why someone will start experiencing back pain. One is that they are involved in an accident, and the other is caused by a non-accidental injury. Non-accidental injuries can happen throughout the day, and they usually occur as a result of either poor posture or repetitive strain. 

Simple activities like sitting, bending, and twisting are all perfectly safe when done correctly. However, if you are not aware of your body, these standard activities can stress out your muscles. 

Bean bags help to support your spine while you are sitting, meaning that your body is better prepared to carry out everyday movement tasks, resulting in less risk of non-accidental injuries. 

  1. Support pregnant and nursing mothers

Bean bag chairs are often recommended for women during pregnancy as they offer unrivaled comfort and support. Helping to ease back and joint pain, as well as any stiffness, as mentioned above, bean bags naturally conform to the shape of a person, providing instant relief from any discomfort. 

Bean bag chairs and loungers are also ideal for nursing moms, providing flexibility and comfort. 

They can also help to combat insomnia, which is a common affliction during pregnancy. 

  1. Assist exercises

Certain types of exercises, yoga, in particular, can be practiced using a bean bag. With the ability to aid coordination, balance, core strength, and movement, bean bags can be incorporated into a yoga practice for both adults and children. 

Plus, they offer enhanced support to the body, so you are less likely to become injured and experience any pain or discomfort. 

  1. Promote motivation 

If you are currently working from home, you may be struggling to remain motivated during the course of a day. With all your home comforts surrounding you, even the most dedicated employee will be tempted to take some downtime. 

Fortunately, by sitting in a bean bag chair as you work, you will instantly create a more relaxed and productive atmosphere, resulting in enhanced creativity and motivation, and have fewer feelings of stress!

  1. Better concentration 

If you find it hard to get your children to concentrate when doing their homework in the evenings, a bean bag chair could be the solution you need. Studies have shown that ergonomics play a huge part in student’s concentration spans and energy levels. 

Furthermore, bean bags can stop your kids from fidgeting as the bead filling molds into their bodies, creating the perfect cocoon. 

There you have it, ten reasons why bean bag furniture is beneficial to you and your family’s health. 

So, what are you waiting for? There’s just time to treat yourself to some before Christmas!