Masochism, edging, BDSM, kinky, fisting, and cuckolding, are some of the top fetishes out there. Truly there is a kink for everyone, and we are not here to yuck anyone’s yum as it were. 

However, we are here to take you on a pleasure and consent oriented journey. A wild adventure through some of the top fetishes you may have never heard of. Who knows, you may just come out with some ideas for new sexual experiences to try out.

Leave judgment at the door and read on with an open mind, as we get to the bottom of what gets people off. 

Top Fetishes

It’s pretty awesome that even the kinkiest of kinks have become more acceptable. The youth today are more accepting of non-heteronormative sexuality and identity. Could this be a sign that sexual repression is on its way out? 

We sure hope so. 

If you are new to the kinky party you may be shocked (or even excited) by what the top ten fetishes are. Let’s have a look, shall we? 

10. Urophilia or Watersports

You may not have heard of this one in technical terminology. Urophilia is the arousal of urine or urinating on others. Sometimes also called water sports or golden showers.

Believe it or not, there are a ton of people who find this super hot. Curious and want to give it a shot but have urine ‘stage fright’? Check out this cheap whizzinator for sale. You can experiment with golden showers using a prosthetic cock and actual human urine.

9. Bondage

A bondage kink means you will be aroused by restraining your sex partner in some way. Either by using special sex rope, handcuffs, straps, or something more DIY, your partner (or you) won’t be able to move freely. 

Bondage kinks are part of the BDSM kink family, which are often misunderstood. But at its core BDSM and bondage play is built upon

  • Pre-negotiated exchange of power
  • Role play
  • Consent
  • (often) Sexual context
  • Mutual definition and mutual satisfaction

8. Fisting

For people with a vagina, fingering can be a supremely pleasant kink. Introduce the entire arm though and that’s some next-level kink. Known as fisting the hand is actually in more of a duck beak shape entering the vagina. 

Some folks find the fullness of having an entire hand inside them absolutely incredible. If you are going to try this one, work your way there slowly. Start by communicating your desires with your partner. 

In general good sex requires good communication, even more so with kinky moves. 

7. Cuckolding

Someone with a cuckolding fetish is aroused watching or listening to their partner have sex with someone else. It’s a type of consensual non-monogamy and one of the most popular porn searches across the U.S.

The main difference between cuckolding and other types of non-monogamy is watching or removed participation. The cuckold may be physically in the room watching, listening nearby, or be receiving photos of the action. Some of the top reasons people love cuckolding include being aroused by jealousy, learning more about their partners, or they are trying to spice things up. 

6. Used Underwear (Or Other Used Items)

This may sound strange but some people get really aroused by used garments or items, like underwear. This is a kink called fetishism, and it’s the arousal to objects that have been in contact with the desired person. 

Everything from underwear, to bathwater, to toenail clippings can get certain people incredibly aroused. 

5. Voyeurism

Another in the pool of top fetishes is voyeurism. Arousal to spying on others who are naked and/or engaging in sexual acts. most often this is actual observation but could also be overhearing others having sex or even being told about a sexual encounter.

Watching porn in and of itself could be considered voyeuristic. See that, you are a kinkster and didn’t even know. But really, watching sex acts sparks the imagination and can get those sexual juices flowing.

Just like with all the top fetishes consent is crucial. Without it, you may be a creepy peeping tom. 

4. Foot Fetish

A foot fetish is also called podophilia. People with this kink go bonkers for feet, toes, ankles, or the whole lower extremity. 

They love to look at them, smell them, touch them, or watch others touch them. Some go so far as licking them or sucking the toes. 

If you think about it other parts of the body are openly fetishized. People go bananas over breasts, butts, backs, and legs. Why not feet?

3. Group Sex

We are getting down into the top of the top fetishes here. Group sex is a big one, whether it’s a threesome, foursome, or a good old-fashioned orgy, group sex is a popular kink. 

Group sex can be simulated with toys if you don’t have a third (or fourth) to add to your mix just yet. There are also some great websites designed for swingers and hookups if you and your partner feel adventurous. 

2. Role Playing

Pretending to be someone else can be super arousing. Almost like ‘getting some strange,’ or hooking up with someone new. This can be as simple as donning an old Halloween costume, or as elaborate as creating characters to get into. 

Common examples are a nurse and patient, a boss and secretary, or a pool boy and a rich housewife. The sky is the limit though and tons f people around the world get their rocks off using their imaginations this way. 

1. Masochism

This one shows up as number one on almost all the top fetishes lists you’ll find out there. Masochism can be part of a BDSM kink and is commonly defined as arousal to experiencing physical or psychological pain. 

A lot of times this kink is expressed in a master-slave relationship. If you enjoy being spanked, humiliated or yelled at you may be a masochist.

Don’t Yuck Someone’s Yum

Kink-shaming is a real thing and you shouldn’t do it. The primary thing to think about with more ‘extreme’ kinks is communication and consent. As long as partners are in consensual adult relationships, the fun train is never-ending. 

Hopefully, this article wet your whistle aroused your curiosity, and introduced you to some of the top fetishes out there. Now practice good consent and get your freak on!