“OH SHIT!” Pics: Fighter’s Ear is torn off at Pancrase (Warning Graphic and Cool)

Okay, remember when Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear? Well, these next set of pictures make that look like an elbow scrape by comparison.Pancrase fighter Shigeki Uchiyama was facing off against Masaya “J-Taro” Takita and winning the bout, that was until Takita landed a double-leg takedown that sent him into the ropes.

Daniel Hebertson of MMAFighting.com got the scoop on the pictures you see in this post and explains the rest in his post.

“It was not clear how the cauliflowered ear was torn but blood could be seen on the top and bottom ropes. Most likely, Uchiyama’s ear was caught in the vertical ropes that keep the horizontal ropes even, although no blood could be seen on them.
As soon as Pancrase officials identified what the bloody lump on the canvas was a doctor check was called and the bout was stopped at 2:57 of Round 2.”

Is it just me or after seeing that last picture, I’m kind of in the mood for pork rinds?

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