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Nick Diaz almost signed with Bellator, but a signing bonus stopped him

Here is a pretty interesting article on how Nick Diaz was all but signed, sealed and delivered to fight for Bellator FC, but after promising a $50,000 signing bonus to him Bellator changed their minds and ultimately killed the deal.

Gracie Fighter fills us in on how the StrikeForce middleweight champion almost landed on their roster before he decided to sign with EliteXC a few years ago.

“Nick Diaz was moments away from signing with Bellator for their first MMA event when last minute negotiations fell apart. Bellator had verbally agreed to give Diaz the same signing bonus they had given Eddie Alvarez (reportedly $50,000), then higher ups scrapped signing bonuses all together and Diaz was left to consider signing a contract with the same stipulations and financial terms as even some of the novice fighters competing for the organization. Diaz ultimately decided to pass on the offer and sign with Elite XC and then move forward with Strikeforce. The rest was history.”

Seems like a Bellator missed out on Diaz by low balling him, but there are two sides to every story.

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