Kimbo Slice was not prepared for Houston Alexander’s “Ring Riding” and circling, but stayed patient

December 6, 2009 by Narcisist in Featured, News, TUF, UFC, UFC with 2 Comments


Last night at The Ultimate Fighter season 10 finale Kimbo Slice got his first win in the UFC against Houston Alexander, but it did not come in the fashion we expected. Instead of the all out brawl we expected, we saw Alexander stick to a gameplan of circling to his right and peppering Slice with leg kicks.

While Slice was well trained for Alexander’s powerful striking, he says he was not prepared for his “Ring Riding”.

“We trained and were some what prepared for his attacks, but I wasn’t prepared for the Ring riding he did. I wasn’t prepared for that.

While Slice looked frustrated at times throughout the fight he remained patient, because he felt if he ran in on Houston he would have probably been knocked out.

“If I would have run in there foolishly I would have gotten knocked out,” Slice said.”It wasn’t difficult to stay patient, but a few times I had to call him out. I had to call him out and say some things like.. Let’s do this. In so many words I converted back to the streets a little bit, but he didn’t engage. So I was like I’m going to be a smart fighter as well.”

Slice also said the weight cut to 215 pounds was not as big of a factor as he expected, but also said he put some weight on before the fight by ordering room service.

“I don’t think it effected me at all, I put some weight back on last night I ordered room service twice.”

No one knows what weight Slice will fight at next, but we are looking forward to seeing him get back in the Octagon soon. I am sure that Kimbo will not be pushed into fights against top fighters right away, but he will be a big ratings and pay-per-view draw for the UFC regardless of who he fights.

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  1. HellbowDec 6, 2009 at 10:26 amReply

    Kimbo is not going to be able to make the light heavy weight he is going to come in all drawn out and look like shit they should make his next fight for 210 and do it slowly

  2. Tbag420Dec 6, 2009 at 11:57 amReply

    Blah Kimbo wont be making too many waves who is the UFC going to get him next Ken Shamrock?

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