Roy Nelson says no one can beat his Belly credits Burger King for his win over Kimbo Slice

October 1, 2009 by Will in News with 1 Comment


Most fighters have 6 pack abs, barrel chests, and ripped up arms. Not Roy Nelson he has a keg for a abdomen and the exact opposite of all the things I mentioned above. How does Roy stay in such great shape? Burger King. Roy credits his biggest weapon to the fast food chain for his shape and the editors on TUF for making it look hard as well.

In his latest Blog post Roy Nelson says that the fast food chain and credits them for his win over Kimbo Slice on last nights episode of The Ultimate Fighter.

“For most of the episode they have Kimbo foreshadowing his loss, which came by way of my belly. No one can mimic me and my movement. It’s hard to mimic a guy who is fat and out of shape and just plain sucks, so I could see how the coaches would find this difficult. They should have asked my coaches. What mean is simply that my coaches know what they are talking about, we heard them last week. They know what is best Now back to me training, which really was TV magic because they have me training my A$$ off, but really I was sitting over in the corner eating my favorite fast food, and UFC’s sponsor Burger King.”

If you watched Roy fight Andrei Arlovski you can actually watch him as he uses it to smother the former Heavyweight champion. I was amazed at how he used it to control hin for most of the fight.

Anyone else think it may become a fad in combat sports like Machida’s pee pee drinking?

Picture above: Spike.com

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  1. MarcusOct 1, 2009 at 12:14 pmReply

    Roy is a cocky fat fuck hope he gets KO’d

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