Lawler vs Shields StrikeForce bout in St.Louis for June 6

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Lawler vs Shields from St.Louis, Missouri instead of Seattle, Washington

Lawler vs Shields from St.Louis, Missouri instead of Seattle, Washington

With former EliteXC champions Robbie Lawler and Jake Shields headlining the June StrikeForce card on Showtime the event was being talked about being held somewhere in the city of Seattle, Washington. Now according to Lawler’s H.I.T Squad teammate and training partner, Matt Hughes who is also figting for the UFC in the month of May says that the main event StrikeForce bout will be taking place somewhere near Lawler’s hometown in St.Louis, Missouri instead and will be closer to home from his Granite City, Illinois training facility.

Hughes a former UFC Welterweight champion talked about the new site for the Shields/Lawler match-up in his personal blog from Matt-Hughes.com. Hughes adds the bout will take place on June 6.

“Just found out a few days ago that Robbie Lawler will fight Jake Shields on the Strikeforce card on June 6th, in St. Louis. It’s great to have Robbie fight that close to home. We were worried that he would fight in the month of May close to my fight, so it actually turns out to be a pretty good schedule. As always, Robbie’s a performer and puts on fights that people want to see.”

With the match-up being close to home it will give both Hughes and Lawler the opportunity to help one another in their respective matches as Lawler prepares for Shields and Hughes gets ready for his bout with another former UFC Welterweight champion and arch rival Matt Serra at UFC 98.

As for the main event bout between Lawler and Shields this will be their first piece of action since their last fights in the months of July and October respectively with Shields earning a second round submission victory over Paul Daley at EliteXC “HEAT” at the promotion’s last event in October and Lawler finishing off Scott Smith back at EliteXC “Unfinished Business” in Stockton, California back in the month of July.

The venue for the St.Louis event has not yet been announced, but we will keep you posted on the situation as soon as news comes to light.

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