Sherk “I knew the guy had some issues” on Armando Garcia

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Sherk says Garcia had issues

Sherk says Garcia had issues

Former UFC Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk tested positive for banned substances after his first title defense win over Hermes Franca who also tested positive as well. Sherk fought his suspension with the CSAC for several months after claiming he never used any banned substances. Sherk hired a sports lawyer who was familiar with the appeals process, probably spending more than he made during his fight with Franca to prove his innocence.

Sherk spoke to MMARated Radio about his past experiences with the now former head of the CSAC Armando Garcia, who as we reported earlier resigned in the midst of controversy and a sexual harassment lawsuit.

“I knew some stuff about him throughout the entire appeal process that I was going through,” Sherk told MMA Rated. “You know, I was doing my homework, I was doing my research and I knew the guy had some issues. I mean, I knew that just by the way he treated me during my case. I knew that it was just a matter of time…and I am glad to see that is finally taking place.”

Sherk also brought up a good point during the interview that the UFC has not returned to the State of California since UFC 73, when he and Franca were suspended. He also hinted that Gracia and the CSAC may have been the reason behind that decision. As we all know many critics have wondered why fighters who have tested positive in California for illegal substances, have never had the problems in the past?

Bigfoot Silva

Bigfoot Silva

One fighter who comes to mind is EliteXC Heavyweight Champion Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, who is now sidelined for a year from fighting after testing positive for steroids. Silva claimed the use of steroids could actually kill him because his body actually produces too much testosterone, and caused a tumor  which needed to be removed surgically. Silva said in a press release to Gracie Mag he suffers from “Acromegalia” which makes his body produce enough testosterone for five men, which could make Silva test positive easily under standard testing done for steroids.

If Silva actually had proof of this medical issue the first question that comes to mind is; why was he suspended in the first place? There is no word as of yet if Silva’s management will petition the new commissioner and ask for another hearing later on down the line. If Garcia was allegedly corrupted as a official during his time at the CSAC, his decisions should receive the attention they deserve in any investigations that occur as well.

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  1. WhitebeltNov 12, 2008 at 12:55 pmReply

    Sherk said it in interviews they never cleaned the cup they tested his and francas piss inside of and some how they wanted to suspend him for testing positive thats fucking stupid it sounds like a shake down to me

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