Arona picks Wanderlei Silva over Rampage

October 6, 2008 by Will in News, UFC, UFC with 4 Comments

Former Pride fighter Ricardo Arona who is preparing for Rings 2009 for the first time since his loss to Sokoudjou in April of 2007, says he is going with Wanderlei Silva for his upcoming bout against Quinton Rampage Jackson at UFC 92 in December. As you may know Arona has an extensive past with both fighters splitting his two fights against Wanderlei Silva and losing by a classic Power bomb against Rampage.

Hum? Think this has anything to do with his pick?

Hum? Think this has anything to do with his pick?

“Quinton is a great fighter, but only when he’s doing well in the fight. When he fights someone like me or Wanderlei he doesn’t like it, tries the takedowns and get lost. Wanderlei needs to do the same gameplan, doesn’t need to change anything. Quinton has a fucking hand, if he hits you, you’ll feel it, but it’s the perfect game for Wanderlei”. – Tatame.com

He also spoke about Wanderlei Silva’s previous fight with Keith Jardine, in which he was victorious and finished Jardine by KO within a minute of the bell ringing.

“I have said before that if Wanderlei gets to the fight hungry, he’d knock Jardine out quickly. Jardine’s style is something I like to face, I go there and take him down when I want to, and I knew that’s the perfect game for Wanderlei too. Jardine came closer to him and that were the perfect fight for Wanderlei, Keith has no game to defeat him” – Tatame.com

Well it would be a bit more interesting if Arona was thrown into the UFC Light Heavyweight division, which is stacked and fits his style of fighting. Arona was looking to be signed by Affliction according to a source who spoke to us a few months ago, but no word has come of a possible signing since then. Hopefully we will eventually see him in a bigger promotion than Rings in the near future.  


  1. Jeezy JOct 6, 2008 at 6:17 pmReply

    Still bitter over the powerbomb huh? I dont know this looks like its Rampage’s fight this time around

  2. Larry McGladeOct 7, 2008 at 1:40 pmReply

    He was always one of my faves since I saw his debut with Pride at Pride 16 against Guy Mezger.

    I always wondered if it WAS the headbutt that knocked Arona out and not the slam, I think it was. Especially since he remembered everything after the slam. Quinton accidentally butted him when Arona bounced off the mat.
    Would love to see those 2 fight again.
    Kazushi Sakuraba got powerslammed by Quinton about 6-7 times in their fight, and he was o.k. I find it hard to believe the slam is what k.o.’d Arona and not the headbutt afterwards.

    I hope Wand beats the hell out of Rampage and then gets the shot at the title against Griffin/Evans, whoever wins that fight.

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